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Inpatient Rehabilitation

When your physician recommends inpatient rehabilitation following hospitalization, consider Valley Health Services. We offer 24-hour inpatient rehabilitation for patients recuperating from an illness or injury who intend to return to their home setting. The services provided are described below.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and a speech therapist are on-site five days a week to provide the services of:

Physical Therapy
Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants work with each patient toward a return to the patient's optimal level of function. VHS now is offering physical therapy 6 days a week.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Our highly qualified licensed rehabilitation staff oversees the rehabilitation of those recovering from sports injuries.

Skin and Wound Therapy
A unique feature of our program is the provision of services to residents who have undergone surgical flap closure of wounds.  Coupled with physical rehabilitation and prescribed dressings to promote healing of skin and wound disorders, VHS provides intravenous and wound vac therapies.

Occupational Therapy
Our registered occupational therapists works with patients to adapt to physical changes resulting from a stroke, accident or other life-altering occurrence.

Hand Therapy
Patients recovering from hand injuries and accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve and tendon damage, hand weakness, fractures of the hand, wrist or arthritis may benefit from specialized hand therapy.

Speech Therapy 
Our licensed speech pathologist works with patients of all ages and takes appointments Monday through Friday.  Outpatient speech therapy is essential to recovery from strokes, head injuries and to those living with advanced stages of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy.  During therapy sessions, communication skills as well as swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) are addressed.

Cardiac Rehabilitation (Outpatient only)
Cardiac rehabilitation assists patients recovering from heart conditions and surgery to achieve the highest level of function.

Osteoporosis Management Program (Outpatient only)
Physical therapy is an important part of the treatment of osteoporosis. Our therapists (with special training in the treatment of osteoporosis) can provide a thorough evaluation of your physical abilities and limitations. After this evaluation, an individualized, comprehensive program will be designed including education in: postural correction, exercise, balance training, body mechanics, nutrition and pain control. Professionals at VHS will establish and maintain clear communication with registrants’ health care providers so they are assured treatment is agreed upon and suitable for each individual. 

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Contact Information: (315) 866-3330 x2223

Amanda Hein, MPT, was promoted to Director of Rehabilitation Services at VHS in late 2014. She has been an employee at VHS since 2010, most recently serving as Inpatient Rehab Coordinator.

Prior to joining VHS, Hein had lengthy experience in the field of physical therapy in the skilled nursing facility setting.

Hein graduated from Ilion High School and received her Bachelor of Clinical Science degree and her master’s degree in physical therapy from Ithaca College.