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Palliative Care

Serious or terminal illness is often devastating for the patient and his/her family.  It is frequently confusing to find the necessary assistance to keep the patient living at home.  The staff of Valley Health Services’ Palliative Care Center informs the patient and family of the availability of community services able to provide the necessary care and equipment required to maintain an independent lifestyle as long as possible.  Our staff coordinates these services and assists the patient and family in achieving the desired quality of life. 

The Palliative Care Center offers inpatient care when remaining at home is no longer viable. Patients receive specialized palliative care including pain and symptom management, massage therapy, therapeutic music, relaxation therapy, phychosocial care and hospice care when desired.  Individual quality of life is at the core of the Palliative Care Center’s mission.

Private, home-like rooms offer comfort to the patient and family. Staff is specially educated to address the emotional, physical and spiritual care needed by the patient and family. Pastoral care and volunteer support complement the program.

Pain and symptom management are crucial to the patient's comfort and the ability of the family to interact with the patient. Staff places physical comfort as a top priority to the patient's care. Patients whose conditions warrant, may find therapeutic value to physical, occupational or speech therapy and leisure time activities.

Staff is available 24-hours per day to address questions or concerns of the patient or family. Bereavement support is offered by staff members.

Valley Health Services Palliative Care Center received recognition as the Outstanding Rural Health Program of the Year by the New York State Association for Rural Health in 2004.

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