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Short-term Inpatient Rehabilitation and Subacute Care

Valley Health Services offers a short-term rehabilitation and subacute care unit for those recovering from orthopedic surgery, a stroke, heart surgery or other condition that necessitates specialized therapy.

A unique feature of our program is the provision of services to residents who have undergone surgical flap closure of wounds. Coupled with physical rehabilitation and prescribed dressings to promote healing of skin and wound disorders, VHS provides intravenous and wound vac therapies.

The goal of the short-term resident is to return to independent living at home. Most short-term residents come to Valley Health Services upon discharge from a hospital in order to regain strength or motor skills before going home.

Our goal is to provide an individualized treatment plan designed to restore independence or maximize the highest level of function in the shortest possible time. Short-term residents receive all the benefits of our long-term care program including access to the beauty salon/barber shop, daily leisure activities, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, dietary consultation and the expertise of our social services staff.

All care is coordinated by the residents' personal physicians and provided by nursing professionals under the direction of a certified rehabilitation nurse specifically educated to meet the needs of short-term residents.

Residents and family members are welcome to visit the Community Resource Room located in the rehabilitation department to learn about physical conditions and techniques used for treatment.

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